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Poem: "Midlife Reassignment", Poetry Fix edition of Fiction Fix, 14 December 2015

Translation: "Fritz in Rosenheim", by Rupprecht Mayer, Watershed Review, 10 December 2015

Flash fiction: "(forget about Greenland calving numbered icebergs)", Pidgeonholes Mag, 24 November 2015

Flash fiction: "The proof lies in what never happens", Maudlin House, 1 November 2015

Flash fiction: "Community Buiding", The Gambler Mag, All Hallows 2015

Short story: "A Swing and a Hit and a Rule and a Gag and a Miss", Black Heart Magazine, 8 October 2015

Flash fiction: "The Munich Magician's Birthday Suit" theEEEL, 29 September 2015

Translation: "Civic Council Report, Asylum and Refugee Policies, State of Vorarlberg, Austria", wisedemocracy.org, August, 2015

Flash fiction: "Invisible Man Unravelling", Word Riot, 15 July 2015

Short story: "(it's been said that old rockstars love young women with long legs

because of all their magic added leverage come the final purple VIP cord)", Referential Magazine, 21 June 2015

Rupprecht Mayer translation into German of my piece: "The Body Is Its Own Best Veterinarian", Am Erker, June, 2015

Flash fiction: "On Intelligent Design", A Bad Penny Review, 11 May 2015

Flash fiction: "The Last Gentleman", The Literary Bohemian, April, 2015

Flash fiction: "(sane missives cushion metaphors like lava pearls urethral sponge Skene's glands expressions)", theEEEL, 21 March 2015

Flash fiction: "Porcelain Promise", Apocrypha and Abstractions, 19 February 2015

German-English website translations: Leopolis Humanitarian Aid for the Ukraine e.V., January, 2015


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