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Flash fiction: "Maximization", Camroc Press 31 December 2014

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Translation: "At Home", by Rupprecht Mayer, Flash Frontier, 16 December 2014

Flash fiction: "Jarrett/Eau Claire", *82 Review, 10 December 2014

Translation: "Father's Return", by Rupprecht Mayer, No Tokens Journal, 27 November 2014

Flash fiction: "The House Painter", Snow Monkey, 7 October 2014

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Flash fiction "(she made a parapet of her arms and watched with wide eyes from behind splayed fingers)", Pure Coincidence Magazine, August, 2014

Flash fiction: "On On Nudges", What The Fiction Journal, July, 2014

Translations: "Kundel's flight from B", and "The candidate", by Rupprecht Mayer, New World Writing, 7 July 2014

Flash fiction: "Einstein Idea! The Yuri Einstein Travel Advice Column", theNewerYork, 27 June 2014

Translation: "Peacemaker & Physicist", Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr, a personal remembrance by Claus Biegert NFFA Foundation, 26 June 2014

Flash fiction: "(an untrialed man talks to the ceiling in the tiny voice that has tangled with the miraculous)", Gambling the Aisle, Summer 2014

Translation: "The Naked Man", by Rupprecht Mayer, Lunch Ticket Journal, June, 2014

Translation: "With Banjo, Ax – and Cake", Pete Seeger, a personal remembrance by Claus Biegert NFFA Foundation, 24 April 2014

Translation: "Hope Blossoms Amidst the Nazi Ruins", by Silke Ruprechtsberger, Wise Democracy, March, 2014

Flash fiction (with .mp3): "(let's be realists and get over it)", decomP magazinE, March, 2014

Flash fiction: "Dead-End Lovers Leap", Postcard Shorts, 20 February 2014

Flash fiction (with .mp3): "The Blue Stage", Word Riot, February, 2014

Translation (with .mp3): "Interview with Kipfel", by Rupprecht Mayer, Word Riot, February, 2014

Flash fictions: "The Underground Passage of Time" and "Unaborted Recovery", MadHat Lit #15, January, 2014


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