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Flash fiction: "Telling Encounters, Part III", theNewerYork, 27 December 2013

Flash fiction: "All's Temporary", Corium Magazine December, 2013

Poem: "After Lance Armstrong is Before Lance Armstrong", Stymie, a Journal of Sport & Literature, December, 2013

Flash fictions: "Schellingstrasse", "The Double Amputee's Oral Learning Story: Bargain Replantation", and "Combination", Anomalous Press, 15 Nov 2013

Flash fiction: "France's mad love affair with nuclear power", theNewerYork, 26 Oct 2013

Flash fictions: "Everyone's Relative", "Mort in the Grips of a Cold Not his Own", "Wannasonamee", Gravel, September, 2013

Flash fiction: "One Shot", theNewerYork, 10 Sept 2013

Flash fiction: "Penal Poets Colony" The Whole Beast Rag, IDOL Issue, August, 2013

Flash fiction (in Tapestry format!): "NUREMBERG, THE CITY THAT NEEDS ITS SLEEP", theNewerYork, 11 Aug 2013

Flash fiction: "Violence & Violet & Vic", Postcard Shorts, 15 July 2013

Featured short: "Corel Lies in Canada", Cactus Heart Press, June, 2013

Short story: "Life. One long ride down a big uphill cope...", Fear of Monkeys, The White-Tufted Marmoset Issue, Summer 2013

Flash fiction: "Election Night", Whitewash Dreams Magazine, Spring 2013

Flash fiction: "All About Donna", featuring a photo from Orla Connolly, The Write Room, May, 2013

Flash fiction: "Ellipsis is every Futurist's three bodyguards in shades...", Word Riot, April Edition, 2013

Short story: "The First Papyrus Vessel", Black Heart Magazine, April Edition, 2013

Flash fiction: Pick of March, 2013, "The Ear Doctors Understand Nothing", Embodied Effigies

Short story: "Detroit, Day Three", Knee-Jerk Magazine, March, 2013

Flash fictions: "The Prison Library has Shirley's The Lottery", and "Murphy's Law & Teagan's New Snorkel" B O D Y, March, 2013

Short story: "Tallahasseen", Subtopian, February, 2013


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